What to expect in this course

Whether you're new to owning horses, or have many years experience, it's absolutely vital that you know how to confidently deal with horse injuries, disorders and diseases, so that your horse has the very best chance of making a full recovery.

This First Aid for Horses course will help you to:

  • Become confident that you can manage a range of horse-related injuries and conditions
  • Have the underpinning knowledge to maintain good standards of horse health & welfare
  • Be able to best support your vet in the care of your horse following injury or illness

Learning Outcomes of the course:

  • Know the meaning of the term 'First Aid', what it is and what it isn't
  • Know how to confidently manage equestrian emergency situations safely and effectively
  • How to quickly and thoroughly assess a range of equine emergency situations
  • Know when to call the vet (or not!)
  • Be able to build, use & maintain your own Equine First Aid Kit
  • Be able to apply appropriate First Aid treatments for a variety of injuries
  • Be able to treat and manage a range of non-injury emergency conditions and disorders
  • Know how to enforce biosecurity measures to limit the spread of disease
  • Know the signs of good and poor health in the horse
  • Know how to take the horse's heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature